iBeer Pro - Drink beer on your iPhone 앱 리뷰

iOS 11

I love this app but now it doesn’t work with iOS 11 PLEASE FIX THIS PLEASE!!!!!

You need to update.

Why is this not updated? It’s a nice app

Does not work on iOS 11

Perhaps the developer has been drinking a little too much of his own code?

Will Not Work With iOS11

I tried to use iBeer just now and I get a message saying Developer must update app to work with iOS11. Dang! Come on guys, get back to your keyboards and git-r-done! 5 star rating coming when you get it to work with iOS 11.

Please update paid for!

Update or give new one for free after we paid for last one!!!

iOS 11

This app will not work with iOS 11.


Great to use for entertaining.

A whole lot of fun!!!

One of my first apps ever and still one of my favorites.


Love this app

Grandpa Beer-man

This app is huge fun and my grandson wants to see it every time he comes over. He loves the burp at the end


My name is LeMaur Kydd and I love Cyrus and Xbox non gamers and hate Lee Jackson

Keep improving

I think this app is good, but you should keep improving. I don't know if anyone uses this app anymore, but I do. Please keep updating this. Also it's not very realistic, and its expensive, so please make it worth its money.

Pretty cool

Great app

must have app





This is one of the most unique app I've ever seen !!

Classic but it is awesome

Classic but it is awesome


This app is good and I like to use it to drink with my friends.

Just for fun

Useless and gives smiles!

Simply fun!

When I asked the seven-year-old daughter of a friend if she would like to try an ibeer, she said no, I'm not old enough yet!


Cool app


This app is awesome it feels like I am drinking it, and it's funny

Sooooo thirsty!!!!!!

This is an Awesome app!!!! I can drink while driving, at chuch, funerals, etc. Two tumbs up👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

SUPER 😊👍 !!!!!!!!

Love it. It's so cool!!! 😋


Very funny app. Now if they could just get the right temperature and taste!

Cute App!

This really looks as if you are drinking a beer. Very cute. It has other options I don't understand. I can download things such as milk. Is there a charge for that? Dunno. I didn't try. Also things like coffee are so dark it almost doesn't show. What's the point. But the beer drink is so cute you gotta get this anyway…




I love it😍

Wild Bill

Love this app

Good app

The app is ok. But need so work don't like they put milk on a beer.


I love this app! Very cool!!!

Excellent Gig

Fellow workers thought that I was really drinking on the job. Afterwards, they wanted the app. Good Job, and I want more apps to have fun with.

Awkward interface - Meh

Awkward, cumbersome interface seeks to be an arcade game or somehow entertaining and quickly boring and foolish. Otherwise... Meh. In-App Paid "packs" are a waste. Just variations of color in the 'free' beers. Don't Purchase them.




nice......Lots of fun


I had this app before, I re-downloaded it and pressed restore purchases but none were restored! I bought stuff before, and its not giving it back.

"el Guapo"

This is the only way to go if I'm at work, need a beer but don't have time for the real thing!!




This app runs great on my iPhone 6 Plus. I didn't think this app would fit the 6 plus screen but it does. Can you add more drinks?


Fantastic fun app I love it.


For a recovering addict this is the best app ever!!!😁😁😁😁


Cool app

Love this app

Great app everyone should get it


I love this app! I tap on the beer glass and my X's face pops up reminding me not to make the same mistake again!

Not realistic

I agree with others who said it that the physics are non realistic. When you tip the iPhone the "beer" falls out of the bottom/side of the glass... Not flowing out like a real glass... Makes this app really lame and unimpressive

Great program!

A good way to drink without getting drunk! I lichhh those schtufffth! Lol!


Having fun. Getting laughs awesome




This is an amazing app


Great App !!!!'

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